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The Wonder of Lullabies – Songbook & CD

Lullabies from around the world to sing with children of all ages

Mary Thienes-Shunemann

Illustrated by Lura Schwarz-Smith


. . . to all the children under the Sun, Moon and Stars

-Mary Thienes-Schunemann

Here are the songs mothers round the world use to grace their children at the close of each day. Mary Thienes-Schunemann has gathered lullabies from all over our dear planet, like glowing pearls on a necklace of love. This grace-filled songbook comes with a CD you can use to hear Mary sing – ever so sweetly – each lullaby in a voice so pure and simple it can bring tears (of joy and gratitude) to your eyes. And thus, in joy and beauty you can learn these songs to guide your children into sleep – and you can watch as your children smile into the arms of their angels.

39 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, Spiral Bound. Includes Audio CD.

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