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A Steiner-Waldorf Mathematic Resource

Grades 1-8

Eric Fairman

A Path of Discovery Book

A compilation of mathematic resources taken from A Path of Discovery - Grades 1-8. Revised and with additional material.

Comb Bound


Eric Fairman’s Mathematic Resource offers a beautiful, wonderfully useful overview of the mathematics curriculum for the entire 8 grades. Now, in one volume, you can see not only what to teach in any given grade, but where that teaching is headed and/or how the foundation for it has been laid. This will be of enormous help to homeschoolers and class teachers alike – assessing a student’s level and finding ways to augment their studies will become much, much easier.

A Steiner-Waldorf Mathematic Resource also contains new material as well as revisions of past publications.


  • Grade 1 – Introduction to Numbers and the Four Processes
  • Grade 2 – Shapes, Number Patterns and Skills
  • Grade 3 – Measurement
  • Grade 4 – Review and Fractions
  • Grade 5 – Decimals and Fractions
  • Grade 6 – Geometry and Business Math
  • Grade 7 – Geometry, Geometric Proofs, Logarithmic patterns
  • Grade 8 – Platonic Solids
  • Appendix: Fraction Dominoes for Grade Four

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