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A Path of Discovery – Grade 5

A Program of a Waldorf Grade School Teacher

Eric K. Fairman


Please see the blurb for Volume 1: Grade 1 for my very enthusiastic review of Eric Fairman’s terrific work!

The Contents of Vol. 5: Grade 5 are:

  • Introduction and Acknowledgments,
  • Ancient Mythologies: Australian Aboriginal Creation Legend, Ancient Mythologies: Which Stories to Tell?, Ancient Mythologies: Greek Olympics;
  • Botany – the Lily and the Rose, Botany: Plant and Human Being, Botany: The Four Kingdoms of Nature, Botany: The Form of the Plant, Botany: Roots, Stalks, Leaves, Botany: Photosynthesis, Botany: Pollination and Fruits, Botany: Hidden Wonders, Botany: Australian Aboriginal Flower Legend;
  • Mathematics: Measurement – a short history, The Decimal System, Using Division to Change Fractions, Decimals and the Four Processes, Use of Decimals in Graphs, Pie charts; Geometry;
  • Poems and Verses;
  • Children’s Reading List;
  • Bibliography;
  • Annual Lesson Schedule

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