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A Path of Discovery – Grade 7

A Program of a Waldorf Grade School Teacher

Eric K. Fairman


Please see the blurb for Volume 1: Grade 1 for my very enthusiastic review of Eric Fairman’s terrific work!

The Contents of Vol. 7 – Grade 7 are:

  • Introduction – The Thirteen Year Old; Geometry – Ancient Greece, Thales, Pythagoras, Secrets of the Brotherhood, Measure of Gold;
  • Chemistry – Introduction, Alchemy to Chemistry, Combustion, Acids and Bases, Salts, Aqua Vitae, The Four Elements, Additional Combustion Experiments;
  • Physiology – The Miracle of Life, Reproductive System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Nerve/Sense System, Metabolic System, Drugs and Addictions;
  • Physics – Introduction, Acoustics, Optics, Heat, Electricity, Mechanics, Equipment Required;
  • Verse and poems;
  • Children’s Reading List;
  • Bibliography;
  • The Morse Code;
  • Physiology Assessment;
  • Physics Assessment.

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