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Perspective Drawing

For the 7th Grade as taught in Waldorf Education

Hermann von Baravalle, Ph.D.



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Perspective drawing stands between geometric law and artistic skill and also between plane geometric construction and solid geometry. Accordingly, it is taught in Waldorf Education during the 7th grade year, and offers a middle ground between the study of two-dimensional forms in the 6th grade and the three-dimensional forms of 8th grade.


  • Preface
  • Perspective Divisions and Perspective Series
    • The Perspective Middle
    • Perspective Divisions in 4 and 8 Parts
    • Perspective Trisection
    • Perspective Extrapolation
    • Perspective Series of Horizontal Lines
  • Perspective Views with Two Vanishing Points
    • Inside Perspectives
    • Construction of Staircase
  • Roof Construction in Perspective
    • Pointed Roofs
    • The Gable Roofs
    • The Mansard Roofs
    • The Combined Gables
  • The Construction of Shadows
  • Perspective of Curves
  • Perspective Views from Nature

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