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Triangle, Circle and Soul

Harry Kretz



Harry Kretz has taught geometry in Waldorf schools for many years, pondering why the study of points, lines, planes, and three dimensional forms so powerfully holds the students’ interest and desire for further exploration.

Moses wrote that God created man, a living soul. Plato wrote that God geometrizes. If the sould is thought of as the threefold principle of life – thinking, feeling, and action – and the triangle is a form with three sides, is there a connection? The author’s dream experience seems to say ‘yes.’

A fascinating exploration – full of things to ponder. I’ve had a few “geometric” dreams in my life (many years ago now) – I still remember them vividly. They were among the handful of dreams I’ve had where I felt myself immersed in understanding, where things were explained that I couldn’t quite “get” in broad daylight. Almost uniquely, this understanding stayed with me after waking, and is with me now. Harry Kretz had many more such experiences — I think his sharing of them can offer much which enriches.

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