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LMNOP – A Poetic Children’s Art Gallery

26 Full Size Art Cards

Howard Schrager

Illustrated by Bruce Bischof

Laminated Cards


LMNOP Art Gallery - Letter T

LMNOP and All the Letters from A to Z comes alive in an entirely new way through these art cards.  Each card is a full-size reproduction of the painting (on the one side) and poem (on the other side) for each letter of the alphabet, exactly as they appear in the book LMNOP. There are so many things that a teacher or parent can do with them to help teach (of course), but also to gift the child(ren) with visual beauty and the joyous sound of the English language.

You can use them:

  • as art to display on classroom or bedroom walls.
  • as uniquely beautiful flash cards for remembering the letters of the alphabet
  • as equally unique flash cards for memorizing and reciting each letter’s poem
  • as displayed poems, encouraging letter and sound recognition without drills
  • as cards for a super-size memory game

LMNOP Art Gallery - Letter V

I’m sure you can discover even more ways these cards can make learning and life a joy for the child(ren) in your life.  In the realm of “learning tools,” these beautiful art cards stand out as something joyous and fully human.

We are very grateful for their creation.

8 1/2″ x 11″

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