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A Fond Farewell and a Warm Welcome

A Fond Farewell and a Warm Welcome


As most of you are aware, the time has come for Bob and I to retire and pass the baton to someone younger who is capable of taking the bookshop forward and continuing our work. We are very fortunate to have found such a person, Angela Guzzo.

Before introducing her, we want to take a moment to tell all of you how very grateful we are that you have supported us throughout all these many years (22 !). The creation of Bob & Nancy’s Bookshop / WaldorfBooks.com has been a work of love from the very beginning and remains so to this day. For me (Nancy) it has been the fulfillment of my childhood wish, born the moment I first set foot in a bookstore with my mother, to have my very own bookstore some day. It has also been the fulfillment of our shared desire to do what we could to support and further the goals of Waldorf Education and a humane world, filled with wonder and vision. For Bob, the bookstore fulfilled his desire, also held since childhood, to own his own business, and has allowed him as a programmer and designer to explore the limits of graphic design and web site functionality in ways that have been remarkable for both beauty and function.

Every day spent filling your orders, ordering more books, and generally keeping things running has been a gift, one which would not have been possible with your support. We are so grateful to all of you for giving us this opportunity, and for the fact that you found value in our service. Thank you all for the richness this has brought into our lives – we will carry it in our hearts forever.


It is with great joy that we welcome Angela Guzzo as the new owner of WaldorfBooks.com. Beginning Saturday, October 25, she will take over the reins, filling orders and helping you find what you need. We are all very fortunate that Angela is both willing and very, very able to guide WaldorfBooks.com through its next phase.


Angela comes with a considerable knowledge of Rudolf Steiner’s work, and the realities of teaching. She has been a Waldorf homeschooler since 2007 and founded McMinnville, Oregon’s Waldorf homeschooling coop in 2010. She has two delightful children, and a very supportive husband, Phil. Her technical skills are impressive — she is more than able to keep the web sites humming. But, mostly, she has a real heart for this work. She loves books, children, Waldorf education and the Love that guides our world. She, too, has always wanted her own bookstore and has embraced WaldorBooks.com with open arms. Keep watching – she also has lots and lots of ideas for expanding what WaldorfBooks.com offers. ‘Energy’ is her middle name, and we are unreservedly confident that you will be very well served by Angela over the coming years.


Our very best to you, always!

  1. transitions = new beginnings!!!! The very best wishes to Nancy & Bob for a lovely, happy, interesting and joy-filled retirement!!!!!! And, welcome to Angela! WaldorfBooks will continue to be the bookshop I recommend!exclusively.


    1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope to live up to your recommendations. ~Angela~


    2. I have enjoyed the warmth and good energy of this site and it has always been a pleasure to order from Bob & Nancy. I wish them all the best things in retirement.
      Welcome, Angela – I wish you all the best, too!


      1. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Zann! I’m excited to be here! ~Angela~