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Tessalation! tells the story of a little girl named Tessa Truman-Ling, who is sent into the backyard to play. There, she discovers a thrilling beauty in the patterns created by a beehive, piles of leaves, a school of fish, mushrooms and turtles. These amazing repeating patterns fill the book in glorious color, demonstrating just how interesting a mathematical concept can be.

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“Tessa Truman-Ling’s delight in patterns is contagious, and the book provides a wonderful jumping-off point for a variety of math activities.” –Denise Gaskins, author of Let’s Play Math: How Families Can Learn Math Together–and Enjoy It

“Beautifully vibrant, tessellating illustrations from Tessa’s own observations show kids how fun mathematical patterns can be to make and find!” –Lucy Ravitch, blogger at KidsMathTeacher.com and author of The Pancake Menu

Delightful to read aloud and with instructions to make your very own tessellating pattern at the end of the book, this living math book is sure to engage both adults and children. Very highly recommended!

Illustrated by Maima Widya Adiputri

8″ x 10″, 2016.

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