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India, Persia, Babylon and Egypt

written and illustrated by Donna Simmons

Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Spiral Bound


The Ancient Mythology main lesson taught to all fifth grade classes in all Waldorf schools around the world is an opportunity to allow a child to experience himself as a member of the human race who shares a past with the rest of humanity. At the threshold of puberty, the eleven-year-old child is beginning to be aware of himself as an “I”, with all the freedoms and responsibilities that this entails. The development of a sense of “I” and of freedom is the main theme which one can trace through these successive cultural epochs which Rudolf Steiner identified as the Ancient Indian, Ancient Persia and Eqypto-Chaldean. The development of human consciousness toward freedom continues into the Greco-Roman epoch and then into modern times.

written and illustrated by Donna Simmons

Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Spiral Bound


The main math goals during fourth grade are:

  • To expand work with the four processes including prime numbers, factoring and estimation
  • To memorize all twelve multiplication tables
  • To begin work with fractions
  • To work with decimals in terms of money
  • To consolidate third grade hands-on work with measurement
  • To work with graphing
  • To do further work with mental math
  • To learn about area and perimeter
  • To become confident and fluid with number work via games, exercises, hands-on projects and pencil-and-paper work

This curriculum gude requires the Key To Math series workbooks.


Jacob Streit

Translated by Monica Gold

Illustrated by Georges A. Feldmann


This delightful biography of a man who has become a legend celebrating the wonder
and kindness within the Christmas spirit speaks to children of all ages.

Fact & Fable

Frieda Gates



Told and illustrated by a nationally acclaimed children’s book author and illustrator, this book was created in celebration of the Fellowship Community’s acquisition of the Duryea Farm and Apple Orchard. It consists of the real facts in the life of the man known to the world as Johnny Appleseed and is interspersed with many stories told about this remarkable human being. Each story is illustrated with Frieda Gates’ wonderful pictures.

Edith Lawrence

Illustrated by Martha Keltz



Originally $12.00 –

A tale of questing and adventure for children age 7 and up. What would you do if you lost your memory and had no one nearby to help you? What if you were enslaved and had to toil long at tasks that seemed meaningless in order to win your freedom? Or what if by acting heedlessly you had brought disaster on the one you loved most? In The Wayfaring Princes, Prince Justin, Prince Felix, and Prince Brand of Lyngardia face and solve these challenges and so win their kingdoms.

Singing With Children Series

Mary Thienes-Schünemann

Spiral Bound

Includes Audio CD

Illustrated by Meg Chittenden and Lura Shwarz-Smith


This inspired collection of pentatonic songs has a warm, soothing, enveloping quality, flowing from beautiful melodies that speak of the joys and mystery of childhood, from playing and frolicking in nature to peaceful moments before sleep. This collection, drawn from Mary Thienes Schünemann’s vast repertoire of children’s music, includes musical notation and lyrics for lullabies, playful tunes, classics, originals, and traditional tunes from around the world. A CD of recorded music to support singers of all ages is also included.

42 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, Spiral Bound. Includes Audio CD.

Margaret Bloom


Numerous full-color photographs throughout.


Based on the success of her first book, Making Peg Dolls, Margaret Bloom’s new book introduces us to a range of projects to keep little (as well as the not-so-little) hands busy. From simple peg doll necklaces, moving mobiles and fantastical flying creatures, to pin cushions, herbal dream pillows and nature gathering bags, this series of delightful craft projects will bring together and inspire all the family in the act of making as well as playing and living creatively.

Inside you will find:

  1. 15 designs and patterns for toys and crafts to engage children in the process of making, playing and storytelling
  2. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for experienced and novice crafters alike
  3. Full colour illustrations and beautiful photography throughout
  4. A range of family-friendly projects, some to complete within an hour, others to fill a long weekend

Absolutely delightful and fun for all ages! Highly recommended!

You can find peg dolls like those used in the book from our friends a www.achildsdream.com

176 pages, 8 1/4″ x 7 7/8″, 2014

A beginning piano book for starry-eyed students...

Alison Cheroff

...and for teachers who might be willing to dethrone middle C.

Lavishly illustrated by Alison Cheroff



What a delightful journey in beginning piano! A combination of modernistic, jazzy, and classical sounding pieces in Cheroff’s new piano book are woven into a storyline told by an elder ripe banana with dark pigtails named Grandnana. The story is about five banana souls who play in a galaxy called Oob and yet need to find something to give before they return to Earth. Each song is brought to life with Cheroff’s celestial watercolor paintings. Optional duet parts give students a chance to hear inspirational sounds while playing simple musical lines.

Cheroff is as a Taubman-trained teacher with decades of experience who shows injured musicians how to unify their fingers, hands and forearms and play with ease. Her new book is both whimsical and instructive and will charm any new piano student. Highly recommended!

38 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 2017


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